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Dreaming About Lights or Lamps

Lights represent hope. Lights can ignite hope in people's hearts. The lights at home represent happiness and warmth, and the lights in the office show that the dreamer is full of hope and makes every effort at work.

  • To dream that the light is on means that friends will bring you hope in difficult times.
  • To dream of accidentally knocking the light down means desperation.
  • To dream of distant lights indicates that you will live a happy life.
  • To dream that the house is brightly lit means that you will be very rich. To dream of dim light means that you will get sick.
  • To dream of carrying the lamp means that all sorrows and pains will pass away.
  • To dream of many people carrying the lamps means that you will become famous.
  • To dream that the lamps were switched many times means a death in the family
  • To dream that the lights are Suddenly bright and dim means depression and decline.

Lights are the light of the night, symbolizing success through hard slog. To dream that your home is brightly lit means that you will be successful 

The light of the lanterns is shot through the paper, symbolizing that you will overcome the difficulties and fulfill your ideals.

  • To dream of holding a lighted lantern means that all the difficulties are temporary, and eventually you will have a solution.
  • To dream of the woman coming to you with a lantern means that you will live a rich and comfortable life.
  • To dream of the lanterns going out means that you have no way to break through the resistance, so you will have bad luck.