Dream of lights, lights

The lamp is hope. Lights often ignite hope in people's hearts. The lamp at home means happiness and warmth, while the lamp in the office means working all night, full of hope for work and making every effort.

Dreaming that the light is on means that in difficulties, friends will bring hope to themselves.

Dream of accidentally knocked down the lamp, it means despair and despair.

Dream of distant lights, life will be rich and happy.

Dream of bright lights at home, will be very rich. Dreaming of dim lights means getting sick.

Dream of holding a lamp, all sorrow and pain will pass.

Dream of many people carrying lights, they will be famous far and near.

Dream that the light has been switched on and off for many times, which means that relatives will die.

Dreaming that the lights are not disordered, bright and dark for a while means depression and decline.

Light master succeeded. The light is the light in the night, symbolizing the success of the difficult journey. Dreaming of bright lights at home means that no matter what you do, you will succeed.

Lanterns overcome difficulties. The light of the lantern is emitted through the paper, symbolizing overcoming difficulties and realizing one's ideals.

Dreaming of lanterns means that all difficulties are only temporary, and there must be a way to solve them in the end.

Dreaming of a woman walking towards herself with lanterns means that the difficulties and problems in the family will be solved, symbolizing abundant food and clothing and rolling financial resources.

Dreaming that the lantern goes out means that there is no way to break through the resistance, and misfortune will come.