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Dreaming about livestock

  • To dream of groups of cattle and horses indicates good luck. Such as: you may pick up the lottery and win a prize on the way, or you will save more money when shopping and so on. You will have good luck again and again unexpectedly.
  • To dream of milking a cow indicates that you will be stolen, you'd better be careful.
  • To dream of a pig leaning on you indicates that you will worry about unexpected expenses.
  • To dream of many people racing indicates that the relationship with friends will deteriorate, your stubborn personality will cause your friends leave you one after another. You'd better change yourself, otherwise you will be very lonely.
  • To dream of feeding the pigs indicates ill luck in behavior, a little carelessness will cause great flaw, so you must be careful.
  • To dream of riding on a horse indicates that you will slove all troubles and make up with friends, you can also expect deeper exchanges.
  • To dream of grazing in the pasture indicates good news in sports. Maybe you'll get good results in a game.
  • To dream of riding on a pig indicates good luck for love. Although you've already haven a lover, but another opposite sex may fall in love with you. Inevitably you may be moved by his infatuation. You'd better refuse his love so as not to be tntangled in triangle love.
  • To dream of a breast-fed pig indicates some twists and turns in health. Enough is enough.