Dream of livestock

  • Dream of cattle and horses in groups & mdash& mdash; Luck will fall from the sky. Such as picking up the lottery ticket on the road, winning the grand prize, changing more money when shopping, and so on.
  • Dream of milking & mdash& mdash; It will be difficult to steal. Watch out for pickpockets and robberies. If you have a bicycle, don't let others ride away, but also remind your family to prevent breaking through the empty door.
  • Dream of pigs leaning on their bodies & mdash& mdash; Will worry about unexpected expenses. Forced return of old feeds; Or be; It will be impossible to prevent the emperor from inviting the younger generation without money to dinner.
  • Dream of racing with many people & mdash& mdash; Friends will deteriorate. Your stubborn personality will cause bad consequences, and your friends will leave you one after another. Unless you can change, you will become very lonely.
  • Dream of feeding pigs & mdash& mdash; In terms of behavior, fortune will decline. A little carelessness will lead to great failure. For example, it's hard to agree to a date with your lover, but you can't turn because you forget to bring your wallet. Be careful!
  • Dream of running on a horse & mdash& mdash; Troubles will be solved. Make up with friends who have quarreled, and you can look forward to further exchanges.
  • Dream of grazing in the pasture & mdash& mdash; There will be good news in sports. If you are one of the players in the sports meeting, you may have a chance to win the superiority cup in a competition.
  • Dream of riding on the back of a pig & mdash& mdash; Suggest that love will go well. Although he already has a place to belong, there is a heterosexual who loves himself crazy. It is inevitable that he will be moved by his infatuation. But it's better to refuse outright. Triangular love is not fun.
  • Dream of piglets eating mother's milk & mdash& mdash; There will be some twists and turns in health. I was glad to go to the disco with my friends, but I hurt my waist because of being brave & hellip& hellip; This may happen. Therefore, everything should be enough.