Dream of being chased by a dog


Dogs are the most loyal livestock of human beings and represent interpersonal relationships, especially friends. Dogs symbolize career or life. People with unfriendly attitudes chase you, pointing out that they cause you some trouble, and you have been avoiding positive conflict with them. Dogs also represent friends, so they may indicate that someone is chasing you (love).

Dogs sometimes represent some of their own personality traits, such as, principle, morality, loyalty and so on. Being chased by a dog may reflect an internal psychological conflict and cause anxiety and tension. In other words, I don't fully recognize some of my thoughts or behaviors.

The chased dream is the expression of anxiety, uneasiness and fear, so it implies that the dreamer has trouble and pressure in his heart. In addition, the chased dream also reflects an evasive mentality.

  • Dreaming of being chased by a dog indicates that the dreamer may feel guilty for having done something against his conscience, or bad things in the moral field, or causing unhappiness with others due to improper words and deeds, causing harm to others. It may also be because there are villains around, which has caused some problems for yourself.
  • When I dream of being chased by a dog, I am very afraid, which indicates that the dreamer is running away from something in his heart. He will be afraid of some bad things and have a bad impact on himself.
  • Dream of a ferocious dog looking at himself, but did not attack, which means that the dreamer may have a quarrel with relatives, friends and colleagues about something in life or work, but it is dangerous and will not have much impact on himself, but it will have a little impact after all. It is best to control his emotions, live in harmony with others, value peace and make money in harmony.
  • Dream of a fierce, roaring dog pouncing on him, suggesting that the dreamer and his friends have differences of opinion. If they don't deal with it properly, some friends may even betray themselves.
  • Dream of a friendly and lovely dog running towards him, which shows that the dreamer is good at managing interpersonal relationships, gets along well with the people around him, can do things, and the development of career and love will be good. If you continue to maintain it, you will have a great harvest.
  • Dreaming of being chased by many dogs indicates that the dreamer has a great life burden and psychological pressure. It reminds the dreamer that he should pay more attention to rest, otherwise he will have problems in his health for a long time.
  • Dreaming of being tracked by a hound reminds the dreamer that he may fall into a trap or danger in real life. Don't believe other people's words.