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Dreaming of Being Chased By Dogs

Dogs are human's most loyal friends, dogs are on behalf of human relations, especially friends. Dogs represent that the unfriendly people who you meet in life and career caused some problems to you, and you have been avoiding a positive conflict with them. Dogs also represent friends, so dreaming of being chased by dogs indicates that someone is in the pursuit of you (love).

Dogs sometimes represent some of your own personality traits, such as principles, morality, loyalty and so on. Being chased by a dog may reflect a kind of inner psychological conflict, and this conflict brings you the feeling of insecurity and tension. That is, some of your thoughts or actions are not fully recognized.

To dream of being chased indicates anxiety, restlessness and fear, you have troubles and pressure in heart. In addition, this kind of dream also reflects that you want to escape.

  • To dream of being chased by dogs indicates that you feel guilty because you've done an unconscionable or immoral thing, or your improper words and deeds led to conflict and caused damage to others. Or a villain makes you get into trouble.
  • To dream of being chased by dogs and feeling scared indicates that you are escaping from something, you may be afriad of being affected by some bad things.
  • To dream of the fierce dog looking at you but not attacking you indicates that you may have quarrelled with friends or colleagues, but it doesn't matter much, you'd better control your emotions and live in harmony. Harmony brings wealth.
  • To dream of a fierce, roaring dog coming to you indicates that you will have different opinions with some friends, if not properly handled, some friends may betray you.
  • To dream of a friendly and lovely dog running to you indicates that you are good at managing relationships, and you get along very well with others, you will have good development in love and career, you'd better continue to maintain in order to have a great harvest.
  • To dream of being chased by many dogs indicates that you have much burden in life and psychological pressure, you'd better pay more attention to rest, otherwise you will have some problems in health.
  • To dream of being chased by hounds indicates that you may fall into a trap or danger, do not believe in others' words.