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Dreaming about numbers

To dream of numbers means that you will feel stressed and regretful because of doing something wrong, you'd better be careful in words and deeds.
In addition, dreaming of different numbers often represents different meanings:

  • To dream of “0" represents your nostalgia of the past, you can not get rid of the past and unable to start a new life. Or you can not forget your past lover, so you can not fall wholeheartedly in love. To dream of countless zeroes also symbolizes abundance.
  • To dream of “1" symbolizes a starting point or a new beginning either at work or in love. It may also indicate the unity of the family or group.
  • To dream of “2" represents communication. On the one hand it indicates that you are good at communication, on the other hand you will have a very happy marriage.
  • To dream of “3" hints that you are some negative and even affect your income and career development.
  • To dream of “4" indicates that you will get into trouble, you may have to have a little patience temporarily.
  • To dream of “5" hint that you will live a calm and peaceful life, but sometimes it seems to be somewhat mediocre, which will make you unhappy.
  • To dream of “6" indicates that you will be favored by the opposite sex, this kind of dream may also represent a keen sense of intuition.
  • To dream of “7" has a mysterious atmosphere, indicating that you are very creative.
    This is a good time for people who work in the field of art creation.
  • To dream of “8" symbolizes integrity, infinity or eternity, indicating that you will have good luck and be successful in career.
  • To dream of “9" indicates that your environment or living conditions will be greatly changed. In addition, it also means that you will complete a hard work.