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Dreaming about ocean

In the dream, ocean symbolizes mystery, adventure, prosperity, wealth, inclusive. To dream of the quiet and endless ocean indicates that you will do well in current business or investment and make a huge success.

  • A man dreams of ocean indicates that he is broad-minded, has the courage to bear the burden of life. He will have good news.
  • A woman dreams of ocean indicates that the burden of the family is getting heavier and heavier.
  • A businessman dreams of ocean indicates that he will serve more people, business is booming all over the country.
  • To dream of sunrise at sea indicates that you will end your hard work, the family business will be booming, you will have good luck in the future.
  • To dream of the visible clear seabed indicates that you always want to see through the psychology of your competitors or others consciously, if you prepare with careful and calm state of mind, you will win in the near future.
  • To dream of flame soaring into the sky from the sea indicates wealth and success. Although you have gone through a tortuous journey in career, but eventually you will succeed.
  • To dream of crossing the ocean and swimming towards the islands indicates that you will resolve all the difficulties and move towards prosperity.
  • To dream of a ship floating in the sea indicates that you will have good luck for wealth and make a lot of money.
  • To dream of ocean tide or high wind and waves indicates that difficulties will be piling up, it is difficult to pass through, you'd better make another plan as soon as possible.
  • To dream of standing on the beach indicates that you are unable to bear the burden of life, there will be misfortune too.