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Dreaming About Sea

  • To dream of swimming to the horizon means that there is a tendency to change rapidly in love. You may fall in love with your lover's friend, but you'd better treat love seriously.
  • To dream of waves flocking to your feet means that your Interpersonal relationships will turn for the better.
  • To dream of sneaking into the sea is a symbol of fire. You should be careful to use hot appliances, you may be injured or even burn down the house.
  • To dream of overlooking the winter desolate sea indicates that you will be short of money, you'd better do some part-time jobs.
  • To dream of the tall waves rushing toward you ferociously indicates that you will have a busy social life, you will spend most of your time for others, also you will be trusted by others.
  • To dream of walking by the sea means that you are very healthy. You'd better study hard.
  • A woman dreams of sea indicates that the burden on your shoulder will be more and more heavy with the growth of the family.