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Dreaming about partners

  • To dream of meeting with partners indicates a good omen, you will be very happy.
  • To dream of receiving partners indicates that you will become richer and richer.
  • A farmer dreams of agreeing to contract farming with partners indicates a bumper harvest.
  • To dream of absorbing the bankrupt as a partnership indicates a bad omen. Business will be hit by a big shock.
  • To dream of receiving dishonest people as a partnership indicates a good omen, you will make a fortune.
  • To dream of absorbing many partners indicates that your income will be greatly increased.
  • To dream of receiving the enemy as a partnership indicates a good omen, you will get along well with the enemy. But dreaming of absorbing your relatives or friends as a partnership indicates that you will quarrel with them. 
  • To dream of having a dispute with your partner indicates that the family will continue to have disasters.
  • To dream of withdrawing your shares indicates that you will get the help of friends at a difficult time.