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Dreaming about pigs

  • To dream of pigs moving indicates that you will have a good luck.
  • To dream of pigs running away indicates difficulties.
  • To dream of killing pigs for the kitchen indicates that you may have visceral sickness.
  • To dream of catching pigs indicates that it is vain to make efforts.
  • A woman dreams of making pork indicates that she will be living on the breadline for weeks.
  • To dream of pigs indicate that you will win a series of victories.
  • To dream of a group of pigs indicates that you will increase the population in your family.
  • To dream of pigs making at you indicates that you will get Infectious disease.
  • To dream of two pigs fighting indicates that you will fail at work.
  • To dream of hounds chasing pigs indicates that you'd better beware of thieves and robbers.