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Dreaming about pots

The pot in the dream is usually a symbol of vitality, viability, etc..

  • To dream of the boiling pot on the stove symbolizes good reputation, career prosperity and booming business.
  • To dream of things in the pot boiling and overflowing also represents the successful business and good family luck. This kind of dream also reminds you to be careful of indulgence, which may endanger your own safety.
  • To dream of the broken pot reminds you to take good care of your parents. A man has such a dream reminds him to be loyal to his lover.
  • To dream of a broken pot indicates that your vitality or fertility will be affected, a crisis may occur.
  • To dream of a broken pot indicates that you will have ill luck.
  • To dream of a boiling pot indicates that you will get rich.
  • To dream that the pot is broken and dropped in the water indicates a bad omen, if the broken pot is repaired indicates a good omen.
  • To dream that there is dirt in the pot indicates a bad omen, you will cut off all means of retreat. 
  • To dream of the broken iron pot indicates funeral arrangements.