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Dreaming about pumpkins

  • To see a big pumpkin in the dream indicates the mistakes in the financial management leading to serious loss to your company, it also represents the outbreak of the crisis of confidence, or even you may be suspected of corruption. You have to be honest, do not make excuse, you'd better cooperate with the investigation actively in order to pull through.
  • To see a pumpkin in the dreams indicates that you are healthy and uninhibited, you do not like secular life.
  • To see many pumpkins and pick a large basket back in the dream indicates bad luck.
  • To pick the old pumpkins in the dream indicates bad luck in terms of the behavior, you should be cautious about your words and deeds, do not be too hasty otherwise you will make an exhibition of yourself or other embarrassing things.
  • To see the ripe pumpkins in the dream indicates good harvest or accomplishment in career and life, you will live a more substantial and happier life.
  • To see the pumpkin flowers in the dream indicates that you've maken a clear goal in life, you will realize your value through your efforts.
  • To see a big pumpkin in the pumpkin vine in the dream indicates good luck and good results for you.