Dream about relatives


  • Dreaming of a close relative indicates that the dreamer will have an income.
  • Dreaming of a cousin shows that the dreamer will get rid of his troubles.
  • Dreaming of other relatives shows that the dreamer must have noble people to help at a critical juncture.
  • When men dream of male relatives, the dreamer will be respected by others.
  • Men dream of female relatives, which means they have to have a wedding at home.
  • Women dream of male relatives and get into trouble.
  • Women dream that female relatives are auspicious and will give birth to a boy.
  • Dreaming of quarreling with relatives means that someone in the dreamer's family is ill.
  • Dream of relatives dying, which means that the child will start a family.
  • I dreamed of being close to my cousins, having a good family relationship, no disputes, no illness, loving father and filial son, and a happy family.
  • Dream that your uncle and parents give you pocket money. It's difficult to steal. Especially when you go out, you should pay special attention. Once the money is stolen, you can't catch it back.
  • Dream of uncle's parents arguing with their parents. There will be changes in health. Pay more attention to diet. If you feel a little different, go to see a doctor immediately.
  • Dream that the whole family will visit relatives' homes together, and the luck of making friends will improve. There will be an elder who is particularly concerned about you. As long as you are honest, it will be helpful to you.