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Dreaming of relatives, neighbors

  • Dreaming of getting along closely with your cousins indicate that the family relationship is very good. No disputes, no pain. You can enjoy a happy family.
  • Dreaming of your neighbors indicate the fire disaster.
  • Dreaming of falling in love with your neighbor indicate that you have a good vision of love, you will fall in love with a person.
  • Dreaming of your uncle and aunt giving you pocket money indicate that you may be stolen. Pay particular attention to the coffee shop. Once the money was stolen, it will not be returned.
  • Dreaming of the whole family visiting a relative's house indicate good luck in making friends. One of the elders will be particularly concerned about you, frank attitude will certainly help you. 
  • Dreaming of your uncle and aunt quarrelling with your parents indicate that you should pay attention to your health. You'd better prevent food poisoning, indigestion, diarrhea and other digestive system diseases. If you feel a little strange, be sure to see a doctor immediately.