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Dreaming about rocks

  • To dream of rock-climbing hints that you may have a preference for adventure in terms of the opposite sex. But you have to stick to the last line of defense, if broken, good things will turn bad.
  • To dream of standing on top of a huge rock hints that you will be trusted by others. You can participate in the election of class representative or student union chairman and other activities, you are ensure to get a high vote. 
  • To dream of a huge rock blocking your path means that your health will start a precipitous decline, you'd better be careful of food poisoning, indigestion, diarrhea and other digestive diseases.
  • To dream of throwing the small stones into the distance indicates that you are very likely to  encounter acquaintances by chance, and the most likely place is the dressing room of department stores or other places.
  • To dream of climbing stairs indicates that you will have ill luck for love, but do not be discouraged.
  • To dream of rocks flying in the sky means that you will suffer undue accusations, you should resolutely declare you innocent.