Dream of shoes


Shoes symbolize people's friends. The most common shoes are used to symbolize the opposite sex or marriage. As the saying goes, & ldquo; Marriage is like shoes. Only you know whether it fits or not;.

  • Men dream of wearing new shoes and good luck.
  • Married women dream of wearing new shoes and husband and wife will love each other.
  • Unmarried women dream of wearing new shoes and marrying a generous, intelligent and capable man.
  • Unmarried men dream of wearing new shoes and will soon be loved by their lovers.
  • Dream of buying shoes, will soon travel, businessmen dream of buying shoes, business will flourish.
  • Dream of repairing shoes, shoemakers dream of repairing shoes, which will affect their future.
  • Dream of wearing old shoes, bad luck will come.
  • Dream of shoes lost, disaster will come.
  • Dream of stealing other people's shoes, friends will be enemies with him.
  • Dream of beating people with shoes, the position will be promoted.
  • Dream of giving shoes to others, will be invited to attend the wedding.
  • Dreaming of buying slippers means building a new house soon.
  • Dreaming of a broken slipper means that the dreamer wants to move.
  • Dreaming of wearing slippers means that the dreamer allows more heterosexuals to freely liberate their desires and hopes that they can meet their potential desires.
  • Unmarried men dream of slippers, which indicates that the dreamer will achieve results in research and live a happy life.
  • Unmarried women dream of slippers, which means that the dreamer will marry a devout believer with noble character.
  • Married men dream of slippers, reminding the dreamer that something unpleasant will happen.
  • Married women dream of slippers, suggesting that they will be separated from their husband for some time.
  • Dreaming of wearing silver slippers indicates that the dreamer will be famous and occupy a high position.
  • Dream of wearing gold slippers to remind dreamers to pay more attention to their health so as not to get sick.
  • Dreaming of wearing new leather slippers means that everything will go well.
  • Dream of losing slippers, remind the dreamer not to be deceived by the enemy, deal with it carefully and avoid losses.
  • Dreaming of shopping in a shoe store indicates that money has declined recently. He may lend money to his friends, but the other party forgot all about it. He was embarrassed to mention it to the other party, so he had to admit bad luck.
  • Dreaming of polishing shoes is a pink omen of love. Although it does not belong to passion, you can look forward to exchanges full of understanding and love. It is best to add concerts or exhibitions to the schedule of dating, which will certainly deepen the sense of intimacy between each other.