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Dreaming of Colleagues and Workmates

  • Dreaming of colleagues at work, I think it is a kind of fun, which means that the dreamer's living standard is higher, the economy is more affluent;
  • Dreaming of discussing things with colleagues, suggesting that the plan may be blocked or stagnant;

  • Dreaming of working together with colleagues, and the dreamer pays attention to their clothes, which means that the dreamer and the same relationship are harmonious, the unmarried may develop a lover from the colleagues.
  • Dreaming of quarreling with colleagues means that you need to vent your mind, maybe because of the pressure of your life recently.

  • Dreaming of colleagues committing suicide indicates that they will be worried.


Psychological interpretation: Dreaming of colleagues represent work pressure, we should pay more attention to rest and adjust their emotions, do not give themselves too much pressure.