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Dreaming about UFO or universe

  • To see the aliens in the eyes in the dream indicates unexpected good luck for you, you'd better be prepared in order not to be overwhelmed at that time.
  • To sit in the universe boat in the dream indicates misunderstandings with friends, you may be misunderstood due to careless words, you may also be accused. But as long as you strive to explain clearly, you will get friendship.
  • To take the universe boat to reach the unknown place in the dream indicates that you may have to pay for your evil doings, do not have an affair and use your reason to overcome the impulse.
  • To see a universal war in the dream indicates that you are very likely to meet a rival in love, but the final victory belongs to you, you'd better insist on fighting.
  • To see a UFO flying in the dream indicates that you will have more friends of the opposite sex but encounter twists and turns in love.
  • To see the UFO formation attacking in the dream indicates poor health. In fact, you are suffering from a debilitating mental disorder. You should talk with a trustworthy person to reduce your psychological burden.