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Dreaming about underwear

The underwear in the dream represents feelings or secrets that you do not want to let people know, this kind of dream may also means that you have a strong curiosity of sex.

  • To dream of beautiful underwear means that you are full of love for vision.
  • To dream of being ashamed to be seen by others in your underwear means that you are afraid to let others know your true thoughts, you dare not expose your real self.
  • To dream that there are stains on the underwear, such as mayonnaise, ketchup suggests that you are afraid of sex in your heart.
  • To dream of giving underwear to your sweetheart or your sweetheart giving to you means that you will love each other more.
  • To dream of wearing broken underwear hints that you will suffer from poverty and embarrassment.
  • To dream of walking outside in the underwear indicates that you health has notably declined, you'd better be alert. In particular, beware of the respiratory and mental diseases, avoid cold, pay attention to rest.
  • A woman dreams of bras hints that she will have more social activities and become very popular.
  • To dream of your personal underwear indicates that others may be peeping at your privacy.
  • To dream of other people's underwear indicates that you may quarrel with others and be unhappy.