Dream of washing machine


Dream of the washing machine, health lights up the red light, is likely to damage the body and lie on the sick tin. Be especially careful of overwork, overeating, etc.

Dreaming of a running washing machine sometimes implies that the dreamer is eager to get rid of all kinds of annoying little troubles in recent life.

Dream that the washing machine is broken, remind you to pay attention to caring and considerate others, especially life partners, otherwise the relationship may break down.

Dreaming of two washing machines means that you will lose some troubles and worries. It's a good dream to make progress in your career!

Dream of washing clothes with a washing machine indicates that there will be problems at work during this period of time, and there will be nothing to do, resulting in being fired by the leader.

Dream of a neighbor washing clothes with a washing machine. Recently, the dreamer tries to control his mood. Don't lose your temper easily. Be careful that others don't have a good impression of him.

Dream of my sister washing clothes with a washing machine. You will be very mellow these two days, so you will be loved by everyone and your work will be improved.

Dreaming of others washing clothes with a washing machine means that you have to ask others for more experience. Only in this way can you find some good investment projects.

Different people dream of washing machines

Unmarried men and women with lovers dream of washing machines, which means they are about to get married.

The unemployed dreamed that the washing machine owner had a good fortune recently.

Divorced and widowed people dream that the washing machine is going far away, and there is a disaster on the way.

A woman dreams of her mother washing clothes with a washing machine, which means that you will have twins soon, so pay attention to your health and don't let yourself catch cold.