Dream of washing hair


  • Dream of washing your hair, good omen, indicates that sorrow will pass.
  • Men dream of washing their hair, the dilemma at work will be solved, and a new beginning will soon come.
  • Women dream of washing their hair, will be favored by the opposite sex, will also be happy because of the attention of the opposite sex, so as to learn to dress themselves and let themselves exude greater charm.
  • Businessmen dream that washing their hair will be able to free some trapped money. Although there will be some losses, it is better than being trapped and not even having the opportunity to use it.
  • The patient dreams of washing his hair, his body will recover soon, and after experiencing this pain, he will have a different outlook on life and live more cheerful and lively.
  • Students dream that washing their hair will get good grades and be appreciated by their elders, but they can't be proud of it.
  • Pregnant women dream of washing their hair, which means that you are ready for production. Nothing can scare you. If you have a very good attitude, you will be able to give birth smoothly.
  • Dream of shampoo and hair loss, to be promoted.
  • Dream of washing hair, washing water is black, wealth will decline.