Dream of washing feet


Dream of feet is a good omen, feet can go a long way, is an auspicious symbol of career. Dream of washing your feet, indicating that you may suffer losses because of greedy marriage. In addition, in dreams, water usually symbolizes wealth. Dreaming of washing your feet sometimes implies your deep desire for wealth.

  • Dreaming that you are washing your feet indicates that there will be trouble to humiliate you in the near future. It may cause quarrels among family members. It is suggested that you should be psychologically prepared.
  • Dream of washing hands and feet for parents and lovers. Love is in the doldrums. The occasional capricious or coquettish between lovers is flirting, but it is easy to cause disgust and conflict.
  • Dream of children washing hands and feet for themselves, children will be named on the gold list, and working children will rise step by step.

Different people dream of washing their feet:

  • Businessmen dream of washing their feet and always feel that they don't make enough money.
  • Women dream that they are washing their feet and are harassed by hooligans, indicating that they will encounter bad things recently.
  • Men dream that they are washing their feet, which indicates that they will be ill.
  • Patients dream of washing hands and feet, their condition will get better, and overcome the disease with an optimistic attitude.
  • Prisoners dream of washing their hands and feet, will be released before commutation.