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Dreaming about weddings

  • To dream of going to a wedding usually indicates that your friends and family may die
  • To dream of looking on someone's wedding indicates that you will have good luck in your family.
  • To dream of become the minister indicates that you will be promoted and have brilliant prospect.
  • To dream of walking into the luxurious wedding hall indicates that you will succeed in career and win wealth and fame.
  • A man dreams of becoming a bridegroom reminds him to have a good grasp of the present lover and hurry to show his love. He'd better pay pay attention to health, otherwise he may be sick.
  • A woman dreams of becoming a bride indicates that she will make rapid progress in love.
  • To dream of your parents attending your wedding indicates that you will be helped by the honored people.
  • To dream of a bride and a bridegroom worshipping to each other indicates that you may get unexpected legacy, or you will encounter difficulties.
  • To dream of the bridegroom laughing indicates that you will be very happy to find the opposite sex you like.
  • To dream of lots of drinks at the wedding reminds you to be careful because you may get into trouble recently.
  • People in love dream of going to a wedding indicates that the dreamer will have trouble in love.
  • People who are going to get married dream of no one coming to a wedding means that the dreamer is worried about the future of marriage, afraid that his parents do not accept his marriage.
  • To dream of the bride or groom being absent from the wedding hints that you do not trust your lover.
  • To dream of losing rings at the wedding means that you do not trust your lover.
  • To dream of holding your wedding in the morning hall means that you feel sorry about your friend's misfortune, or you will receive bad news from an old friend. 
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