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Dreaming of Wedding Party

  • Dreaming of looking on someone else's wedding ceremony indicate that your family will have good luck. Your father will be promoted, your mother will get well, your brothers will pass the exam, you will enjoy the peaceful day too.
  • Dreaming of becoming the bride indicate that you will have good luck in love. Your lucky dating sites are in the concert hall or art galleries and other places of relatively strong artistic atmosphere, the closeness of the two will greatly improve.
  • Dreaming of becoming the main character of the birthday party indicate that you will have ill luck in Interpersonal relationships. You are likely to be impulsive and lack of consistency, so you are likely to lose credit.
  • Dreaming of attending wedding reception indicate that you will be romantically at a standstill. You may quarrel with your lover for some little things. Since both are stubborn, and you can not find good opportunities to reunion. At this point, you may wish to make concessions firstly.
  • Dreaming of being invited to a friend's house party indicate that your fortune in behavior will decline. You may make a fool of yourself due to your indiscretion. Other embarrassing things may happen too, so you'd beter be careful.
  • Dreaming of dancing at the ball indicate that you will have new progress in sex. You will kiss with the opposite sex, you will spend a sweet moment. It will be an unforgettable thing for you.