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Dreaming about wood

It takes ten years to grow trees but a hundred years to rear people. Wood is a gift from nature, which can be used for construction or paper making. Architectural wood symbolizes the ability of the dreamer to judge the past and build the future. The wooden objects in the dream indicate the nature of the dreamer.

  • To dream of carrying wood laboriously reminds you not to always go against your wishes and feelings, do not always listen to others, you should have your own opinions.
  • To dream of raw wood means that you have many natural instincts and control yourself.
  • To dream of buying wood hints that you may plan to buy a new house.
  • To dream of a timber warehouse indicates that you will get rich.
  • A married woman dreams of a timber warehouse indicates that she will be very happy.
  • A businessman dreams of a timber warehouse indicates that he will make money in business because he's very money-minded and farsighted.
  • To dream of saling wood means that you are likely to lose money due to poor management, you should improve business practices to increase sales.