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Dreaming of apples

Apple is in charge of wealth.

From the "Duke dream", that apple is a symbol of auspiciousness, success, luck, longevity. Dreaming of feeling the sweet apples indicate that you will be rich.

  • Dreaming of a lot of ripe apples in the basket or on the table indicate that you will have good luck for wealth, it is likely to get unexpected wealth. At the same time, you can have a successful official career and good reputation.
  • A married woman dreams of apples indicates that she will be pregnant soon.
  • Dreaming of eating red apples indicate that you will reach your desire.
  • A patient dreams of eating red apples indicates that the dreamer will be able to pass the dangerous period safely.
  • A businessman dreams of picking apples indicate that the dreamer will have a good harvest, the business will be carried out smoothly, the dreamer will also get promotiion.
  • Dreaming of immature or rotten apples indicate that you will suffer economic losses, get sick or have trouble in your family.
  • Dreaming of stealing apples indicate that you may have immoral sexual relations or an affair,  the dreamer may also desire to commit incest.