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Dreaming of apricots

  • Dreaming of people eating apricots indicate that you will have good luck.
  • Dreaming of seeing the apricots indicate that you will encounter difficulties.
  • Dreaming of eating apricots indicate that a disastrous impact will spread to you.
  • Dreaming of ripe apricots falling down indicate that you may get ulcer and other skin and surgical diseases.
  • Dreaming of green apricots indicate that the brighter prospect in fact implies suffering and sorrow.
  • Dreaming of selling apricots indicate that a great misfortune will befall.
  • Dreaming of throwing apricots indicate that you will break off relations with friends.
  • Dreaming of others giving you apricots indicate that you will get good news soon.
  • Dreaming of stale apricots indicate that you will suffer from difficult diseases.
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