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Dreaming of arriving late

Dreaming of arriving late indicates that you may be afraid of arriving late in reality, or you'd better examine what's in your life causing you serious for a long time. For example, whether to accept yourself? whether are you not satisfied? whether to ask too much of life? whether do you have a lack of recognition of others? 

Moreover dreaming of arriving late may reflect the dreamer's awareness of the reality of the situation, the bstacles will makes it difficult for you to seize the opportunity, or to reflect the understanding of your own, a lot of things that you are doing are not important. Instead they delayed you to do important things, so that you may miss an important opportunity in life. In general, there is a tension and anxiety in your work, study, life and so on.

  1. Dreaming of arriving late indicates that you'd better not easily make promise.
  2. Dreaming of others arriving late indicates that someone may break his words and cause you trouble or let you suffer loss.
  3. Dreaming of arriving late and missing a train indicates that you have no confidence in the ability to grasp the current opportunity or feel very anxious about something, maybe there's something that will make you very anxious and unable to do so.
  4. Dreaming of arriving late for some transport means, such as airport, train or bus and so on indicates that you may or you have missed a clear opportunity, or you may not be sure whether you can accomplish a specific goal.
  5. Dreaming of arriving late for taking the wrong car indicates that you may not make clear of something, so you may have used the wrong way or done the wrong decision, you may have deviated from your own objectives, it is a good time to spend time to calm yourself down and clarify the situation again to take the right action.
  6. Dreaming of not being late, but waiting for a particular friend indicates that you may be aware of the lack of communication with your friends.
  7. Dreaming of taking part in a party but an important person being late indicates that you may have missed the necessary experience of a certain stage of life.
  8. Dreaming of arriving late for exam indicates that you may concern about something you are engaged in, it is a plan, an investment or career change, this is the manifestation of your lack of confidence in yourself due to uncertainty. Or you would not like to face "exams" in life, you may always want to withdraw. Or you want to make progress, but in fact, you may always feel pressure to restrict your progress.
  9. Dreaming of arriving late for work indicates that you may have pressure on your working environment subconsciously. In reality you are demanding on yourself, always judge yourself with the highest standard, so you will feel you are not good enough, so that you will often feel tense unconsciously.
  10. Dreaming of arriving late for school indicates that you may feel insecure, you may think that you can do something perfectly in life and work, but you did not achieve as expected. Dreaming of arriving late for school indicate that you have strong sense of responsibility, the cause has been the pursuit, your requirements are very high and you look forward to more high level of sprint development, but the actual situation is not as perfect as your desire.
  11. Dreaming of arriving late for class indicates that you may have a sense of urgency at work, constantly feel pressure, you'd better not force yourself too tight, you should relax appropriately and give yourself a buffer, so you can have more energy for the next phase of the sprint. In addition, this dream also reflects your feelings, you may repress feelings of discontent and contradictions in the heart too much, in the reality you can not get rid of these problems.