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Dreaming of being hunted

  • To dream of being hunted indicates that you hope to be pursued.
  • A girl dreams of being hunted indicates that a boy will pursue her.
  • To dream of escaping from the hunt indicates that you have a lot of pressure in reality, you still haven't solved the problems, you feel at a loss and quite tangled in heart, you are afraid to face the reality, you simply do not want to find a way to solve the problems, you just want to escape blindly, so you will always do such a dream unless the problems are resolved.
  • To dream of choosing to fight bravely when you're hunted indicates that you can face up to any pressure and any thorny problems in reality bravely, you might have found a solution and you are now trying actively, you really hope to resolve as soon as possible.
  • To dream of choosing to pretend to be dead or hide in order to escape the beasts or the bad guys when you're hunted indicates that you are helpless for the current situation, you can only select turning a blind eye, you are self-deceiving and often turn a blind eye in everyday life to free up some blind instincts and pressure to camouflage yourself, you will usually find all sorts of excuses to let you feel peace of mind. Your awareness of the environment will be distorted in the end, you will live a semi-enclosed life, this kind of dream indicates that you're very weak.
  • To dream of being hunted, bitten or even killed indicates that you can not bear the pressure of reality, or you can't find the way to solve the problems, you can only throw the handle after the blade, you have been compromised. This dream indicates that you have no fighting spirit.
  • To dream of having fun instead of feeling fearless in the process of being hunted indicates that your life is too monotonous and boring, you really require some fundamental changes.
  • To dream of choosing to being hunted indicates that you are driven to the wall, you've completely compromised to reality in your heart.
  • To dream of failing in running away when you're hunted reflects a self-awareness, you feel helpless about the pressure of life, you will have more and more serious problems. You will also do such a dream if your sleep posture is not proper.
  • To dream of shaking hands indescribably when you are hunted indicates that you'd better pay attention to how to turn hostility into friendship in the dream, this dream is to give you the wisdom to solve your puzzles in reality.
  • To dream of being hunted but killing the other instead indicates that you feel very contradictory and very tangled about the pressure of reality, but you can find the root cause and take the most correct way to solve these problems.
  • To dream of being dead, but another you being still alive indicates that you want to forget something from your heart, perhaps you want to extricate yourself from the current environment, get rid of all the troubles in the past and completely change yourself.
  • To dream of feeling afraid of death and being accompanied by pain indicates that you will get into trouble recently, which will make you feel very nervous. If the trouble has occurred, you'd better pay attention to resolve the matter at hand. If the trouble has not occurred, you should also be careful of doing things to avoid trouble.
  • To dream of rising again indicates that young people need to grow up to pursue a new self, so young people are more likely to do such dream, it has a meaning of regeneration.