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Dreaming of Being Bitten By Snakes

  • Dreaming of being bitten by snakes indicate that you will have good luck, good fortune and live a happy life as long as you are brave enough.
  • Dreaming of being bitten by a snake indicates that you may be violated recently, and this physiological violation will make you feel very uncomfortable, it may be a disgusting sexual harassment, so you should find a clever way to escape. On the other hand, this dream also represents your health concerns, you'd better pay more attention.
  • Dreaming of being bitten by snakes in the water indicates that the place where you are bitten by a snake may be the potential area of disease.
  • A pregnant woman dreams of being bitten by a snake indicates that she will give birth to a son. Dreaming of a fat and clumsy snake indicates that her baby will be very clever.
  • An unmarried person dreams of being bitten by a snake and this snake arising from the dead after being killed indicates that the dreamer will meet the right person.
  • Dreaming of your wife being bitten by a snake indicates that some unhappy things may happen to you, as long as you can face optimistically, there is nothing wrong.
  • Dreaming of your child being bitten by a snake indicates that you'd better pay attention to family harmony, you should create a warm and happy family environment for your child because unhappy family will bring sorrow and misery.
  • Dreaming of your father being bitten by a snake indicates that good things will happen.
  • Dreaming of your husband being bitten by a snake indicates good luck.
  • Dreaming of someone else being bitten by a snake indicates that you should take more care of your parents in addition to your career, because your parents can only rely on you, you'd better often go home to see them to make them happy.
  • A woman dreams of her children being bitten by a snake indicates that kids have their own blessing, so she'd better not worry about them too much, they will be very sterile.
  • A married woman dreams of putting the snake in her arm indicates that she will give birth to a son.
  • Dreaming of the enemy being bitten by a snake indicates that you will fight with your competitors heavily, finally you will cause destruction to both sides.
  • Dreaming of your fingers being bitten by a snake and bleeding indicates a bad omen.
  • A woman dreams of her fingers being bitten by a snake and bleeding indicates that she and her child are very likely to get sick, she 'd better pay attention to diet health.
  • A businessman dreams of his fingers being bitten by a snake and bleeding indicates that he should be good at thinking, think of some good business strategies, does not just look at the immediate interests in the process of doing business.
  • Dreaming of being bitten by a snake indicates that you may feel very contradictory and tangled because of something, the suppression of your feelings may cause your inner conflict and pain.
  • The snake is one of the most popular images. The content of the snake is very rich, first of all, the snake represents sex, especially male genitalia. They are indeed both very much alike from shape.
  • A woman had talked about such a dream: "I dreamed of going into a house, the roof and walls are made of glass like a greenhouse. In the middle of the house there is a big snake detained in the basin, as if a glass globe is above it. The snake was moving in the force, I am afraid it will wash out. " This dream reflects her normal worry, she is worried about accidental pregnancy because of condom breakage. Snake is a symbol of male, while glass and glass house are on behalf of condoms, the house is also the female sex symbol.
  • A man dreams of a snake in a small pond, raising its head and becoming bigger and bigger, changing into a dragon, and then spitting water. The snake and dragon can often be interchangeable, in twelve Zodiac snake is also called as "small dragon". This dream is a sexual process. The dreamer is a young soldier, he separated from his wife for a long time, so it is taken for granted for him to do such a dream.
  • A girl dreams of being bitten by a snake, her legs are bleeding. This dream means that a man violated her, so that she lost her virginity. If the girl had not been a virgin, then she must have received other injuries.
  • A viper is a symbol of the harmful sex, such as rape, but the snake may also represent grudge, hatred and so on.
  • For example, someone dreamed of being together with a celebrity, many snakes emerging from the ground, trying to bite them, that celebrity jumping to avoid the snakes, but the dreamer failing to escape. The snakes represent the other's jealousy of this dreamer. The dreamer thinks that if he were a celebrity, others would not envy him.
  • Someone dreamed of being bitten by a small white snake. This dreamer was hurt by a classmate who was wearing a white shirt in reality. The snake represents the dreamer's hated to that student and also that student's hatred to the dreamer.
  • The snake also represents evil, cunning and deception and temptation. This is the same image of a snake in a lot of myths and folklores. In the Bible, it is the serpent that tricked Eve to eat the forbidden fruit. The snake is often looked as the animal in the hell, the devil messenger. It dragged people into the darkness, depravity and evil, and the means it uses is mainly temptation. In the folklore a snake doesn't capture a frog actively, when it finds a frog, it will stare at it with its eyes, and then the frog is like being hypnotized, it would jump into the snake's mouth itself. In our minds, the snake is representing such a hypnotic temptation force. So when people find someone who is attractive and very evil, it is often called as a viper. If the seducer is a woman, we call it a beautiful villain or serpent.
  • Thus the snake in the dream might be an evil, cunning, accustomed to deception and charismatic person with hypnotic allure.
  • On the other hand, the snake represents wisdom, a deep wisdom, a profound wisdom.
  • The snake also has the wisdom and the ability of prediction. In Chinese folk, the superstition of snakes has also a psychological basis, that is the snake is a symbol of wisdom in human psychology. In ancient China, people put the snake as a sacred object, Fuxi and Nuwa have the snake head and human body. The image of the dragon is also related to the snake, but generally dragon is no longer evil, but more powerful than the snake. In mythology dragon or snake often guards the treasure in the cave, this treasure is the wisdom, insight into human nature.
  • In general dream, snake is rarely used to symbolize wisdom, because only when the dreamer faces major inner conflict or deeply thinks of something can he dream of snake, which is a symbol of wisdom.
  • Physiologically the snake represents the spine, the spinal lesions will be represented by the injured snake. From the perspective of yin and yang, the snake represents Yin.
  • The snake also has other features, such as cold-blooded, so the snake can symbolize a person's apathy in love. Python can wrap around or swallow a person, because the snake can be a symbol of human emotion, he (she) entangled you breathlessly; or he (she) is caring for you in every possible way, this excessive care in every possible way so that makes you lose your own independence. An overly doting mother in her child's dream could become a big snake, swallowing her children.
  • Even people who did not read the Bible knows that it is because Eve listened to the snake's bad words that made her and Adam be driven out of the garden of Eden, begin a suffering life in the world. In many primitive cultures, the snake's inscrutable characteristic makes people have a sense of awe, even regard it as the god. Thus the snake symbolizes the desire of humanity around the corner and unfathomable power, while people both respect and are afraid of it.
  • Dreaming of snakes are not very pleasant experience for most people, perhaps the dreamer dreams of being chased and swallowed by a snake, perhaps it's just dormant does not move does not hurt you, but you're afraid to just run away! When you dream of snakes, especially when you feel very scared, probably it means that you meet your own deepest fears. Think about what kind of snake you dreamed of? What is the feeling when dreaming of a snake? And how did you interact with it in the dream? In what place to meet a snake? These can allow you to further understand what you are afraid of indeed.
  • Speaking of snakes, intellectuals can not help but think of what Freud once said: snake represents the sexually suggestive. The snake in the dream may indeed imply your perception of sexual or sex life. Perhaps you are not satisfied with your present sex life, or you feel guilt for sex, or you are enjoy a happy sex life now.
  • The snake has very different interpretations in the East and West. In China, dreaming of the snake indicate wealth, but in the West, dreaming of the snake indicate sex. However, in recent years, through continuous research psychology of discovery, dreaming of snakes, particularly for female indicate sex.
  • Freud said: dreaming of snakes indicated that the dreamer couldn't meet in sex, dreaming of seeing a snake indicate the sexual repression, dreaming of being attacked by a snake indicate the disease, dreaming of being hurt by a snake indicate the sex life, dreaming of killing the snake indicate that the dreamer can recover and defeat the rival (difficult).
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