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Dreaming of Books

The book stands for fame. Reading books can let people famous all over the world and bring honour to your ancestors. The books in the dreams represent fame.

  • Dreaming of reading good books indicate that you will be famous. Dream of reading bad books indicate that you will be discredited.
  • A married man dreams of  books indicates that his son will become a learned scholar in the future.
  • A married woman dreams of  books indicates that her daughter will have both a good character and professional competence.
  • A young girl dreams of  books indicates that she will marry a man of knowledge and culture.
  • A businessman dreams of  books indicates that the dreamer will get rid of the present plight.
  • Dreaming of finding books in the bookstore indicate that the luck for health will decline. You'll be exhausted by the unexplained reasons, you may feel tired and spiritless. Then it is best to exercise in the wild.