Dream of dirty water


  • Dream of a lot of dirty water and quarrel.
  • Dream of drinking dirty water. If you don't drink water before going to bed, you're too thirsty. In your dream, you drink it when you see dirty water. It's a meaningless dream; If not, the body will be ill.
  • Dream of bathing in dirty water, relatives or friends will die.
  • Dreaming of dirty fountains is a sign of misfortune.
  • Dreaming of pouring dirty water shows that the dreamer is now working hard to solve all kinds of different things you encounter. I believe that with your efforts, all kinds of difficulties can be solved easily, and your life will become more warm and happy.
  • Dreaming of sewage means that you are very upset about what has happened and pessimistic about it. For example, washing clothes with sewage can't be cleaned anyway, which means you try your best to recover the past, but you don't have enough confidence to make up for it.
  • Dreaming of black water or sewage indicates that unhappy things will happen in life. If your body feels different, you should go to the hospital for examination as soon as possible.

Different people dream of dirty water

  • Men dream of washing their faces with dirty water, indicating that they will encounter intractable troubles.
  • Women dream of washing their faces with dirty water, indicating that they will be ill.
  • The patient dreamed that he would be seriously ill if he washed his face with dirty water.
  • Young people dream of pouring dirty water, reminding dreamers that they should pay more attention to their mental symptoms in the near future. Their spirit is a little bad. They should also know how to add clothes in time, keep exercising and strengthen their physical quality.
  • Business people dream of pouring dirty water, which means that your business is best carried out after detailed planning, otherwise it will easily lead to bad failure.
  • Men dream of pouring dirty water, which means that their work objectives gradually become quite clear during this period, and they will seriously complete a task or change their current state.
  • Job seekers dream of pouring dirty water, which means that the dreamer has a fairly clear job-hunting goal recently, but you are a little unprepared. You usually behave a little flustered at the critical moment, and the opportunities are reserved for those who are prepared. Only when you are well prepared can you have a good breakthrough.
  • The patient dreamed of the cross flow of sewage, which indicates that the condition has an aggravating trend.