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Dreaming of Cleaning

Dream of cleaning indicate that your interpersonal relationships may have some problems, you'd better pay attention to some of the ways to do things, do not be self-centered for everything, you should use some skills to get along.

  • A businessman dreams of cleaning indicates that there are some problems in business, the dreamer might need to clean up some of the villains, otherwise they will bring economic losses.
  • A student dreams of cleaning indicates that the learning achievements will be improved, the dreamer will be recognized by the elders, also have more entertainment time.
  • A pregnant woman dreams of cleaning indicates that she is bored with the current life, she hopes to be able to quickly delivery, so she can freely take activities.
  • A patient dreams of cleaning indicates that the disease will soon get better, the dreamer will soon be able to recover and live a healthy life.
  • A man dreams of cleaning indicates that he will love his wife very much and can take all the responsibility for her, he will be very respectful and take care of her too.
  • A woman dreams of cleaning indicates that she will marry a husband who loves her, she will be able to get her husband's care and respect, also set up a happy family.