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Dreaming of criminals

  • Dream of talking with a criminal indicate that you will have bad luck.
  • Dream of quarrelling with a criminal indicate that the disaster will pass by.
  • Dream of making friends with criminals indicate that the trickster friends bring you losses.
  • Dream of criminals escapeing indicate that you will be better.
  • A criminal dreams of being acquitted of a charge indicate that there will be danger in the house.
  • Dream of committing a crime but escaping the law indicate that you will have bad luck in life.
  • Dream of prisoners indicate that you may know some detractors, they are purposeful, maybe you will suffer losses because of improper dating.
  • Dream of prisoners going over the wall indicate that things that have been bothering you recently will be solved, even the sick people will get better.
  • Dream of the judge sentencing the criminal indicate that you will get a raise and promotion.
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