Dream of crossing the river


The river symbolizes an endless stream of life, and crossing the river means passing the test of life and representing success.

  • Dream of crossing the river, everything will go well.
  • I dreamed that I was crossing the river. The river symbolizes an endless stream of life. Crossing the river means that I have passed the test of life and represents success.
  • Dream of the game crossing the river, which is an auspicious omen. This dream indicates that you will experience a test and succeed in your career.
  • Dream of a friend swimming across the river, indicating that your friend's career will develop well and grow.
  • Dreaming of animals swimming across the river indicates that your work and career will develop smoothly.
  • Dreaming of others swimming across the river indicates that you envy others' achievements in their career and hope to be as successful as him in its way.
  • Dream of crossing the river smoothly, everything will be smooth.
  • Dream of a river that can't be crossed, and things will be blocked.

Different people dream of crossing the river

  • Long married infertile women dream of crossing the river, which indicates that they will have a healthy child. They need to maintain a good attitude and not be affected by their own life.
  • Officials dream that they will cross the fast river, indicating that they will have the joy of promotion. In this process, they may undergo various tests and need to adhere to their original intention to solve all challenges.
  • Women in love dream of crossing a river, which indicates that two people will be happy in love and may move towards the palace of marriage.
  • Married men dream that they are ready to cross a river, indicating that there is a gap between feelings. You hope to ease the relationship between the two sides.
  • The patient dreamed that he had crossed a river, the disease was about to be cured and his body would recover. It is suggested to maintain a good attitude and take physical exercise occasionally to speed up his recovery.
  • Businessmen dream that they will get rich when they cross the river, and the losses in business can be turned into profits.
  • Students dream of crossing the river, achieving academic achievements and smooth learning, but they should not be too proud. They should study hard to realize their wishes.
  • Workers dream that they are hesitant to stand in front of a fast-moving River and don't know how to move forward. They may encounter unsolvable difficulties, or villains are hindering your development. At this time, you need to be careful and ask more trusted and trusted friends for their opinions.