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Dreaming of drinking

Drinking is often to celebrate the happy event. When drinking with a bosom friend, a thousand cups will still be too little. To dream of drinking represents happy events.

  • To dream of drinking means good luck, plentiful money and treasures for you.
  • To dream of drinking indicates good luck in study.
  • To dream of many bottles filled with wine represents a rich life for you. 
  • To dream of drinking a bottle of wine indicates the coming disaster.
  • A man dreams of giving a glass of wine to his lover or wife indicates that they are affectionate as ever.
  • A woman dreams of giving a glass of wine to her husband indicates that she will be fregnant soon.
  • To dream of drinking with your friends indicates a happy and comfortable life for you.
  • To dream of being drunk indicates some problems in your health.

Wine can make people chaotic, and once people make an indiscreet remark under the influence of alcohol, it is easy to lead to conflicts. So the alcohol in a dream also symbolizes the contradictions.

  • To dream of selling the wine indicates that you will have conflicts with friends or acquaintances. 
  • To dream of giving the wine to others indicates that you will be very happy without worries.
  • To dream of drinking desperately indicates that you are easy to provoke disputes whether alone or with friends