Dream of drinking water


Drinking water is good for health. Water is the source of life. Drinking water represents people's health in dreams.

  • Dream of drinking water, suggesting good health.
  • Dreaming of drinking dirty water indicates misfortune and loss of status and money.
  • Dreaming of drinking cold water indicates that you will get achievements and honors through hard work.
  • Dreaming of drinking water from rivers and lakes means that you are comfortable, healthy, carefree and blessed.
  • Dreaming of drinking water from a small ditch means that you will be in trouble and may be involved in a lawsuit. The patient has such a dream, suggesting that his condition is getting worse. Businessmen have such a dream, which indicates that they will lose money or have constant business trouble.
  • Dream of drinking the spring in the mountain, symbolizing peace of mind, freedom and carefree.
  • Dream of drinking well water. If the well water is clear, it indicates that you will get rich. If the well water is dirty, it indicates that you will suffer a setback. Migrant workers or travelers who go out dream of drinking well water, which means they miss their hometown and indicate that they may go home. Dream of others handing you well water, indicating that you may receive the news of your hometown from others.