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Dreaming of fighting or being stolen

  • To dream of fighting with classmates indicates good luck in relationships. You can make exchanges with anyone boldly, courageously and actively. People around you will be honest with you.
  • To dream of a lot of people dogfighting indicates that you will have something wrong in health.  Pay attention to the digestive system, it is likely to suffer from acute gastroenteritis, gastric ulcer, ptosis, appendicitis and other diseases. You must absolutely forbid binge eating.
  • To dream of quarrelling with your lover indicates good luck in love. Do not be too straightforward.
  • To dream of brothers fighting with each other indicates bad luck intellectually.  Your academic performance will decrease significantly. Nevertheless, do not cheat in exam.
  • To dream of your wallet being stolen indicates bad luck in interpersonal relations, you may meet very troublesome dispute, in this case it is necessary to ask a third party to maintain justice.
  • To dream of a thief returning empty handed indicates good luck in wealth. You will earn more and more money.