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Dreaming about celebration

  • To dream of an entrance ceremony indicates a few setbacks in study. A teacher who you don't like may say some hurtful words to make you uninterested in learning and lead to regression test scores. You should study hard. 
  • To dream of a graduation ceremony indicates good luck in action. You may be prasied for doing good.
  • To dream of participating in the festival parade indicates good luck in love. Too many heterosexual dating requirements will make you pullzed, you needn't select carefully at this time, it is best to contact with everyone because this is a golden opportunity to choose love.
  • To dream of boating in the dragon-boat race indicates that you may be robbed, take special care of your belongings especially in the restaurant or coffee shop.
  • To dream of racing in the sports meeting indicates good luck in friendship. You are the best person to lead your friends to ensure that everyone can get the trust and harmony with each other.