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Dreaming of grass

The grass is thin and long, representing life.

  • Dreaming of grass indicate longevity.
  • Dreaming of cutting grass indicate that you may reduce the life expectancy due to poor life.
  • Dreaming of others carrying the grass to you indicate that you will make a fortune.
  • Dreaming of grass indicate that you are a popular figure. You are your boss's right-hand man, and you are a great help to your friends, so you are very popular. So your whole fortune is good.
  • Dreaming of being covered with weeds in the yard indicate you are popular by the opposite sex.The letter you wrote to him could greatly increase the feeling of the two.
  • Dreaming of weeding indicate that you may have some problems in making friends.You will be especially sensitive to your friends and relatives, and then begin to hate them. No man is perfect, you know. You'd better be more tolerant.
  • Dreaming of the roadside waving weeds indicate that you will meet a mysterious phenomenon. For example, when you take pictures of a friend, a strange shadow may appear on the photo...... It is really scary!
  • Dreaming of lying on the grass indicate good wealth. For example, if you are very filial to your father, he may give you money.