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Dreaming of Graves

Oriental Dream Interpretation

  • Dreaming of whick the tomb is high is lucky.
  • Dreaming of new coffin or new tomb means the worries would go away. 
  • Dreaming of there is auspicious cloud on the tomb means good luck.
  • Dreaming of that the door of the tomb is open means everything would be okay.
  • The bright tomb means good luck, the dark one means bad luck.
  • The trees grow in the tomb or the flowers bloom in the tomb are auspicious.
  • The coffin come out of the tomb is auspicious.
  • Dreaming of coming out of the grave, the dreamer would be achievement.
  • Dreamed of that someone would go into the grave means that relatives and friends would die.
  • When you dreamed of a graveyard, you should be careful in your words and deeds. Your life should be regular, or your family will be ruined.
  • Dreaming of living people digging graves, grave diggers will live long.
  • Dreaming of the night walking in the cemetery, health will decline.
  • Dreaming of tomb worship, interpersonal luck is likely to rise. Your friendship with your relatives and friends will be more profound. If you have any difficulties, you can discuss with them. The other party can share your worries for you.
  • When a man dreams of a tomb, he would live longer.
  • When a woman dreams of a tomb, she would feel depressed and upset.
  • Who Dreamed of visiting the cemetery, could get real love.
  • Married women dreamed of visiting the cemetery, their husbands will be more considerate and pampered.
  • Unmarried women dreamed of visiting the cemetery, would marry a happy husband.
  • Unmarried men dreamed of visiting the cemetery, would marry a lovely and loyal woman.
  • The man and woman in love dreamed of visiting the cemetery, and their love will be deeper.
  • It's a bad omen to dream of building a cemetery. Someone in the family will be ill or die.
  • The patient dreamed of building a cemetery, and his condition would be getting worse.

Psychological interpretation

Graves symbolize death, and dreaming of death often indicates the change of the future. Dreaming of a tomb may indicate that something is over and a new phase is about to begin, which is the result of changes in life. The dream may also indicate that the dreamer is afraid of death or unknown things. If a friend or relative dies in the near future, it will easily lead to the dream of tomb.

Graves also symbolize peace, because the places where the dead rest are quiet places. This dream may indicate your desire for peace. The grave also symbolizes burial. This dream may have something to do with something forgotten or hidden. If you encounter something in real life that can remind you of something that has been forgotten, you may dream of a grave. In addition, the dream may also means that the dreamer is interested in something hidden.