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Dreaming of jar

  • Dreaming of empty jar indicate that you will be unhappy.
  • Dreaming of a jar full of water indicate that you will live a rich life.
  • Dreaming of a jar full of milk indicate that you will be healthy.
  • Dreaming of a jar full of decoction indicate that you will get sick.
  • Dreaming of an iron jar indicate that you can only feed their families.
  • Dreaming of a new jar indicate that you will gain high fame.
  • Dreaming of the old and leaky jar indicate that the source of the economy will be reduced, and the cost of home will be increased.
  • Dreaming of holding a jar on the head indicate that you must work hard in order to survive.
  • Dreaming of a jar rolling up suddenly indicate that the business is going to go bankrupt.
  • Dreaming of putting things in the jar indicate that the business will get better.
  • Dreaming of sending the jar to someone else indicate that you will be cheated or lose part of the property.
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