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Dreaming of monsters

Dreaming of scary monsters always indicate some nasty impulse in heart or fear of your desire or a certain feeling. You have suppressed your impulses or desires in life, and have full of fear and disgust for your impulse, therefore you may express your true feeling by dreaming subconsciously.

  • Dreaming of red monsters indicate anger. Dreaming of yellow monsters indicate jealousy or envy.
  • Dreaming of monsters killing each other indicate good luck and development in love and career. 
  • Dreaming of being attacked by monsters indicate that you'd better pay attention to your health because you may get sick. You'd better pay attention to your digestive system and eliminate the bad eating habits.
  • Dreaming of monsters ruuning to your house indicate that you may have conflicts in your family and suffer loss for being cheated.
  • Dreaming of chasing monsters indicate that you can avoid a disaster and everything will become better.
  • Dreaming of being pressed by monsters indicate good luck.
  • Dreaming of being harmed by monsters indicate sickness or poor development in career. 
  • Dreaming of defeating monsters indicate that you will achieve success and win recognition.