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Dreaming of necklace

Necklace is set around the neck, it symbolizes the shackles and restrictions.

  • To dream of wearing a necklace indicates that you will be restricted. This kind of dream is bad for men but good for women. A woman does such a dream indicates that she will marry into a wealthy family and be subject to strict control.
  • To dream of your own broken necklace indicates that you will get rid of the limitations and bondage, regain your freedom, good things will come, barriers will disappear.
  • An unmarried man dreams of receiving a necklace indicates that he will marry a daughter of a well-off family.
  • To dream of buying a necklace indicates that there will be a wedding in your family.
  • To dream of losing your necklace indicates that you will corrupt public funds and suffer a great loss.
  • To dream of making necklaces indicates that you will do lucrative business.
  • To dream of wearing a gold necklace indicates that you will have good news.
  • To dream of wearing an iron necklace indicates that you will be put into the prison.