Dream of my brother

Dreaming of a brother or elder brother indicates the health and happiness of the whole family and the enhancement of their inner endurance.

Dreaming of my brother taking drugs indicates that my brother will face difficulties.

Dreaming of being bullied by your sister or brother means that a struggle is brewing between you, maybe just for a little thing.

Dream of your brother getting married indicates that your recent thoughts are very good, you will arrange your housework in order, and your life will be very happy and happy, which is a good omen.

Dream of brother fighting indicates that the dreamer may suffer from digestive system problems, such as gastroenteritis, appendicitis and so on. It is suggested to pay attention to diet in the near future and never overeat.

Dreaming of my brother's death indicates that I am not very happy with my relatives in recent life. There may be a lot of things in life, which affects the communication with my relatives. It may be that I have less communication with each other at ordinary times, so I can spend more time to understand each other.

Different people dream of their brother

The patient dreams of his brother, which indicates that your condition will worsen.

Migrant workers dream of their brother. They often work secretly. They have their own secret plans. They don't like the interference and help of others, causing a mysterious feeling to others.

Working people dream of their brother fighting, which indicates that dreamers should not let their plans bear the expectations of too many people. Although you may not boast about what you do, the good reputation of being practical always makes people around you unconsciously place their hopes on you. If you clearly tell everyone the risks of the project at the beginning, you will be much easier along the way.

People in love dream that their brother fights, which indicates that the dreamer's feelings have problems. If both sides can't trust each other, they are easy to be destroyed and scattered by a third party. Cherish the hard won feelings.

Business people dream of fighting with their brother, which indicates that the dreamer is suitable for small-scale operation and can not expand investment.

The lady dreamed of her brother, which indicates that the family is very safe and harmonious.

When a man dreams of his brother, he should avoid impulse to avoid family conflicts.

Men dream of their brother, indicating that they should be more humble in family affairs;

The lady dreamed of her brother, which means that she gets along well at home. If you dream of seeing your sister, it means a little privacy.