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Dreaming about bosses

The boss belongs to the leadership, the boss in the dream is a symbol of power, organization, problem solving.

  • To dream of your boss indicates that you may be in trouble at work in the near future, so that the relationship with the boss will become a little nervous, you'd better pay attention to improve your relationship with the boss. On the other hand, this kind of dream may also indicate that you can not play your own ability
  • To dream of your boss means that your boss has too much control over your life.
  • To dream of the boss becoming your brother, sister or spouse means that you are very involved in your work.
  • To dream of the boss giving you tough tasks and making you very sad indicates that you may receive a commission that can not be rejected, or a good friend will borrow money from you, you can only bite the bullet and promise.
  • To dream of the boss giving you an envelope or money indicates that you will be promoted or trusted. A businessman has such a dream indicates that the unfavorable situation will turn up unexpectedly, so he will succeed in business.
  • To dream that you are called by a nasty leader, but see your father unexpectedly means that you are extremely resistant to your authoritative boss and father.
  • To dream that you feel like someone is hiding behind and trying to kill you, so you are very afraid, but later you find that he is your own boss means that you are very nervous when getting along with the boss. It is best to relax, do not have too much worry.