Dream of selling fish

Dream of selling fish, property will be lost.

Dream of others selling dead fish, from hard work to success, upward development, Zhu Zhiyi Cheng, PepsiCo Antai, physical and mental health, enjoy longevity and prosperity, but because of excessive firepower, beware of the risk of fire or scald. If there are no murders, you can avoid worry.

Dream of selling your arowana, indicating that you will make friends.

Dream of selling dead fish, suggesting that life at home will become difficult.

Dream of others selling fish. Don't be shy and boldly confess to the people you like! Good fortune, have the opportunity to get gifts from others.

Different people dream of selling fish

Businessmen dream of selling fish, which indicates that they will have poor financial luck recently, lose in business and have problems in operation.

Office workers dream of selling fish, suggesting that you will get the worst grade in the work performance score. If you encounter problems at work, you should consult your colleagues and solve them silently, which will make your boss think you are not serious.

People in love dream of selling fish. In love, you are more willful. If your lover can't do something in your heart, you will lose your temper. This will only make your lover feel tired and lead to your breakup. Just reflect on yourself.

Different people dream of others selling fish

People who travel dream of others selling fish. It is recommended to be cautious in everything, not in a hurry, but safe.

Pregnant people dream that others sell fish, which indicates that they have children and pay more attention to their diet.

People in love dream of others selling fish, which shows that they quarrel over a small matter and should explain the misunderstanding clearly.

People in benmingnian dream that others sell fish, which means beware of official lawsuits, do not go outing or be pregnant.

Businessmen dream that others sell fish, which means they can get money smoothly and prevent villains from stealing property and public funds.