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Dreaming of Shaved head

  • Hair is on behalf of the personal charm, image, emotion and the like. To dream of shaving your head bald means that you want to change your image and performance, you want a new beginning.
  • To dream of shaving your head bald indicates that you will have a new living environment.
  • To dream of others shaving clearly indicates that you will make new friends.
  • To dream of being bald indicates that on the one hand your life is on the decline, and on the other hand, it may be a hint that something disgusting will happen to you.
  • An old person or a patient dreams of being bald means that the dreamer is close to death, the dreamer must be vigilant recenlty and pay special attention to the health.
  • To dream of being bald but growing new hair means that although you have experienced a serious illness, but you will be cured, you will soon get better.
  • To dream of others being bald reminds you to be alert and avoid being deceived by someone you trust.