What kind of jobs are fit for you due to your head line?


Actual rational type

The feature of this head line is that although the starting point touches the lifeline slightly, but it extends towards the top of the second Mars mound or Moon mound. In palmistry, this hand line belongs to the science-based head line, its logical thinking is very strong, it has very good understanding of digital and conceptual things, so people of such head line would be suitable in chemical, computer, machinery, pharmaceutical and industrial design, or physical and mathematical research and product development work.

It must be exaggerated that the head line of science occupations does not necessarily mean people will be accomplished only when they are engaged in related work. Some points of the palmistry, in fact, only do a statistical, observation and classification work in respect of each hand line's qualities, character and aptitude, and provide the readers as a reference, rather than limit people's development by it. So if you have such hand line, but you are interested in literary or musical work to your unique analytical and logical thinking, they are also very appropriate. 

Talented type

The feature of this head line is that the head line and lifeline start and extend from the same place, form a linear on the moon mound, people of such hand line would be suitable to engage in the liberal arts work. For example, law, literature , playwright,  novelist, musicians and artistic creation and so on. Moon mound symbolizes romantic sensual abilities and plenty of imagination, so it can let people do good in the work with creativity and writing and acting ability. But the end of the head line had better not be too pendulous, otherwise it will weaken the original talent, thus making people fail in interpersonal relationships.

Independent development type

The feature of this head line is that the starting point is very close to the lifeline. People who have this hand line would have strong ambition and independent personality, pay attention to the practice, so they are suitable to set up their own personal business. Such people would be rather diligent, always complete the work of supervisor in time, if employed by large companies or worked in the company, but also fit for planning and management. In addition, this kind of people would not like to be at other's beck and call.

Introverted and practical type

As shown above, people of this transverse line or head line would be introverted and jittery and silent. In the choice of the career, they'd better choose the work has less contact with people, such as accounting, typing, computer, art design, stage layout, proofreading, etc., or text codification work, which are all also very appropriate. However, such kind of people hate the unnecessary and overelaborate formalities in social life, so they'd better do non-public work, this will reduce unnecessary stress, can play the individual potential to the best.

Congenial career type

head line starting point is farther away from the lifeline, people of such palmistry would be very decisive, so they would be suitable to engage in securities, commodities trading, real estate industry and other higher speculative work. Such people could seize the opportunity, would not waver in a pinch, so they would be very suitable for the congenially work.

Governance and dominance type

The feature of this head line is that the starting point of head line appears in Jupiter mound, people of such hand line would have keen observation and strong ambition, if engaged in academic research work, they could set up as the university or college dean; if engaged in enterprise, they would also become the leaders who can recruit on the basis of intellectual ability.