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Dreaming of the Head

  • Dreaming of the competitor's head indicate that you will successfully implement an important task and get people's approval.
  • Dreaming of a man's head changing into a lion, dragon, tiger's head indicate that you will be successful and people will unanimously praise you.
  • Dreaming of cutting off someone's head, and the head chasing you indicate that you will have great influences to make significant progress in advancing matters.
  • Dreaming of one head changing into several indicate that everything will go very well and you will be well-known everywhere.
  • Dreaming of a man's head or an animal's head coming after you indicate  that it is difficult to solve the problem, you will be in a constant state of anxiety because of depression and worry.
  • Dreaming of becoming bald indicate that you'll disputes or disagreements with others, or you will encounter children- related misfortune.