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Dreaming of Ship or Rowing

  • Dreaming of ships in and out of the harbor, be careful of your home safty.
  • Dreaming of sleeping on the ship, you would be stolen.

  • Dreaming of rowing alone, you are likely to travel to distant countries or separated from relatives and friends.
  • It's a sign to dream of rowing with others.

  • I dreamed that the ship was going to capsize.
  • Dream and wife or lover rowing together, is auspicious omen, will report quickly.

  • Dreaming of rowing in the sunny day, everything will be successful.
  • Dreaming of rowing in bad days, will encounter many difficulties.

  • Dreaming of others rowing, friends will leave themselves.
  • Dreaming of rowing a boat, calm water means your future is very stable, and if the water is not calm, or even shaking or capsizing, this is a bad omen. The dream of a woman means that you will have a romantic journey that will make your heart beat.

  • A dream of rowing in a pond or lake indicates that the lottery is going up. If you take part in the guessing activities with prizes in newspapers, TV, etc., your winning rate should be very high at this time, and you can actively participate in them.
  • Dreaming of rowing, or you are participating in dragon boat race, that you are a very fanciful person, many ideas make you whimsical, but there is no actual research and investigation spirit, and no action, so it is hard to avoid failure.

  • Dreaming of rowing in dragon boat race, indicating that it may be difficult to steal. Especially in restaurants or coffee shops, take care of your belongings.