I dreamed that the ship capsized and sank


Dream of the boat overturning: business will fluctuate and life will be turbulent. Pay attention to recent words to avoid disaster from the mouth.

Businessmen dream of turning over the boat: in terms of main money, financial luck is general, and there are more unexpected situations in income and expenditure. It is easy to have financial disputes with others. If you invest, be careful to be tempted by others.

Dream that the boat is going to sink and turn over: remind the dreamer that his body will deteriorate and he needs more exercise.

Women dream that the ship has turned over: it indicates that everything will be good in the near future, but if they are not modest, they are proud and rampant, it is easy to attract disasters.

Married people dream that the boat has capsized: it indicates that there may be small obstacles on the journey, but it doesn't hurt.

Dream of shipwreck (capsizing, collision): it means that the matter that has been trying to discuss with people can finally be concluded. If the sail of a sailboat is broken, it means you will lose money or even go bankrupt. If you dream that the boat is overturned by a big wave, it means that you will have a disaster because of women, and quarrel with people.

Dream that the ship is going to sink: it implies that the dreamer will face a crisis. We should be vigilant and prepare more.

I dreamed that my boat went into the water, but when it was about to sink, it suddenly came to the shore: it indicates that when you encounter difficulties, you will get the help of strangers. At the critical moment, there will be a sudden turning point, a turning point of bringing the dead back to life, and finally overcome the difficulties.

Dream of a wooden boat stranded: it means that the environment will exaggerate your right and wrong, and even affect your work, and you don't even want to take care of your career, resulting in no small loss.

I dreamed that the ship sailing on the sea sank and there were survivors: the sea represents breadth of mind and broad-minded. The people who dream of this dream are not narrow-minded, but they have a lot of right and wrong recently. They need to stay away for a period of time, avoid driving and travel. On the contrary, it will bring disaster.

Dream of sinking on a bamboo raft by the lake: it indicates that the pressure will be halved and carefree, but it will cause some bad trouble, rotten peach blossom, and there will be a crisis of trust between husband and wife.

Dream of the ship sinking in stormy weather: it's a good omen. No matter how many difficulties and obstacles are waiting for you, your persistence will break bad luck and bring good luck.

Dream of the ship sinking in the clear sky: the precursor of the storm is dawn. There will be a career change at work, and you are at risk of demotion.

Dream of the ship sinking in the fog: it means that you are in doubt about your current situation. You don't know how to choose or do many things. However, if you insist, you will get peace after the confusion period.

Dream of the ship leaning against the shore and sinking into the water: the main culprit means that there is danger approaching and disaster comes from heaven.