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Dreaming of ships rolling over or sinking

Dreaming of the ship rolling over indicates that your life and business will fluctuate, you should pay attention to the recent behavior in order to avoid disaster emanating from careless talk.

A businessman dreams of the ship rolling over indicates that his luck for wealth will be general, unexpected situations may accour in both revenue and expenditure, he will also easily have financial disputes with others, he must be careful of other people's temptation in his investment.

Dreaming of the ship sinking or rolling over indicates that you may have health problem, you'd better take more exercise.

A woman dreams of the ship rolling over indicates that everything will go well recently, but she'd better be modest so as not to provoke disaster.

A married person dreams of the ship rolling over indicates that the dreamer will go out and may encounter small obstacles in trip, but it doesn't matter.

Dreaming of a shipwreck indicates that things you've been discussing with others can finally get conclusions. Dreaming of broken sails indicates that you will lose money or even bankruptcy. Dreaming of the boat being overturned by big waves indicates that you will have disaster due to a woman and you will also quarrel with others.

Dreaming of the ship sinking indicates that you will face crisis, you'd better be alert and get ready.

Dreaming of the waterlogged ship suddenly on the shore indicates that you will be helped by strangers when you encounter difficulties, you will suddenly take a dramatic turn and finally overcome the difficulties at the crucial moment.

Dreaming of the wooden boat running aground indicates that disputes will become more and more exaggerated even have affected your work, and you can't even take care of your career, thus resulting in great loss.

Dreaming of the ship sinking at sea with survivors, sea represents that you are broad-minded, you may have many disputes recently, you'd better stay away for some time, otherwise you may provoke disaster.

Dreaming of riding the raft on the lake and the raft sinking indicates that pressure will be halved, you can live a carefree life, but you may also provoke some bad trouble such as a crisis of confidence crisis between you and your lover.

Dreaming of the ship sinking in stormy weather indicates a good omen, no matter how many difficulties and obstacles are in front of you, your stick will break the bad luck and bring good luck.

Dreaming of the ship sinking under clear blue sky indicates that stormy precursor is the dawn, you may have a career change, and you may have the risk of demotion.

Dreaming of the ship sinking in the fog indicates that you are now in doubt, you do not know how to choose or how to do, you'd better stick it out to have peace.

Dreaming of the ship being against the shore and sinking indicates that a disaster will descend.